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Welcome to Horstmann Cattle Company

Meet August - the face behind Horstmann Cattle Co.

August always had a passion for farming and founded Horstmann Cattle Co. Since 2012, August has dedicated his time to mastering how to raise cattle using nothing but the natural earth, along with learning the ins and outs of Missouri-based regenerative farming.

August lives and works full-time on the farm; watching over the cattle, the land, and his five pups. To him, taking care of the land is just as important as taking care of the animals.

Healthy Soil → Healthy Plants → Healthy Animals → Healthy Nutrient Dense Protein → Healthier Families


August lived in Wyoming during high school and worked on a cattle ranch. His love and passion for cattle grew even more during those years. During that time, he designed the brand that people now associate with Horstmann Cattle Company. The brand itself is pronounced “Lazy A H Quarter Circle.”

Out West, a family’s brand has meaning throughout the community. He recognized the importance of the brand and the significance it brings as it is a stamp of our approval. This brand is registered with the state of Missouri and is a working brand.

We want to be the brand your family knows and trusts that provides you with nutrient-dense, high quality beef.


It’s simple, really. At Horstmann Cattle Co., our animals are raised the way nature intended. Our cattle are 100% grass fed from start to finish. All of our animals are treated humanely and are moved to fresh pasture every day to ensure a healthy diet.

Unlike conventional feed yards, where the animals are confined and given unneeded drugs (such as growth hormones for maximized growth and antibiotics) our animals are free of all added hormones and antibiotics.

We use regenerative grazing practices when it comes to moving our cattle which helps build organic matter and increase soil health. Our cows enjoy the variety of grasses that grow in our pastures. By keeping our cattle moving, and allowing our pastures to rest, we are seeing an abundance of native plants and flowers starting to reestablish in our fields. The cattle help the land by fertilizing it as they move from pasture to pasture. Moving the cows to and from different pastures every day ensures that there is always grass left behind to catch any rain fall and prevent any run-off. To us, taking care of the land is equally as important as taking care of the cattle.

Why we're proud to be a regenerative farm

healthy soil ➡️ healthy plants ➡️ healthy animals ➡️ healthier/more nutrient-dense animal proteins ➡️ healthier life

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